Hey! My name is Louis Dalibard. Let me introduce myself real quick.
I was born in New York City but I’m currently living in Paris.
I’m a student in a French private high school and in my spare time, I like to do all sorts of cool stuff!

Back when I was 7, one of my dad’s friends, seeing how I loved computers, got me a book about Python programming for my birthday. Ever since that day, I have had a huge interest in computers, software, and engineering.

Solving problems and building things is something I'm passionate about.
Software Development
I know how to use the following languages: Go, JavaScript, Python, C++, Rust, and C. I'm comfortable with full-stack development.

I've built several projects —most of which are on GitHub— like Open7SClock and NekoVault.

Open7SClock is a digital clock powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W.
The Open7SClock project has required the following skills: CAD, client/server software design, electronics design, and wiring.
I'm currently studying in the Saint Michel de Picpus private high school in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. I'm enrolled in the Academia Dual Diploma program too.
I like making 3D renderings in Blender in my spare time. You can find some of them -here-.

I also love gardening. Gardening in a space-restricted area (a small Paris apartment bedroom) makes you come up with creative solutions to problems.
If you ever need to contact me you may do so via any of the following methods:
Phone: +33 6 52 45 16 50
Discord: @OnTake#5344